The Asset Management Excellence initiative

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The motivation of AM Excellence:

Erik Marienfeldt 

Managing director 

HIH Real Estate GmbH

"We have now joined forces with nine companies and set up the initiative Asset Management Excellence to ensure that there is an initial and central point of contact for the management discipline asset management in Germany.

As a group, we work jointly on specialist issues and intend to ensure that our sector is professionalised even further.


We will utilise the associated advantages not only internally within the group, and instead will share them with the entire sector. Other sectors have long-since shown us that many aspects can be simplified or even made possible with market-wide standards for instance.


Customers and competitors, investment managers, property and facility managers, young professinals, specialist and senior executives as well as anybody who deals with asset management are welcome and are invited to engage in the mutual dialogue.


We believe that only a common path can be right for the sector.


Other sectors have long-since shown us that many aspects can be simplified or even made possible with market-wide standards, etc.“

Christoph Wittkop,

 Real Estate Advisers GmbH 


"There are reports about and from the real estate sector every single day. Numerous reports are published every day concerning a wide range of issues and disciplines. All areas are affected - including news from the investment field as well as facility management along the entire value-added chain and adjacent areas.


Anybody wishing to concentrate on information relating to asset management must filter the relevant reports out of a wide range of publications. We wish to use our platform to offer focused added value with regard to asset management: Market standards, job offers, contracts."

Dr. Markus G. Bell

Managing director 

Bell Management Consultants


"As an independent and neutral consultancy house, our basic philosophy focuses on creating transparency and encouraging the interchange of information between the various market players – only in this way are markets able to develop and players are able to orient themselves quickly and reliably. We approach this task with our various market initiative.


Our personal ambition is to ensure market transparency in this field. In recent years, the market segment "asset management" has expanded rapidly and has consistently become further professionalised. We consider that this platform is a key instrument to enable investors and service providers, specialist and senior executives and all interested parties to meet and exchange ideas. We are pleased to be part of AM Excellence and support the initiative with all our energy and conviction."